HOW TO get Gas Connection in Bangalore?


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How to get Gas Connection in Bangalore

The best option (in terms of time taken and the cost) is to transfer your old gas connection from your previous city to Bangalore, as that would be the fastest and cheapest for you. But, in case you don’t have a gas connection, read on to find out how you can go about getting a new gas connection in Bangalore.

List of LPG Companies to choose

How to apply and what are the formalities
To apply for a gas connection, you do not need to pay any deposit upfront. You need to furnish a copy each of your identification proof and residence proof to a gas agency and the agency allocates to you a New Gas Connection Booking number that you need to remember. You will need to refer to this number while following up with the agency.

Where to Book: Nearest gas agency office

Time taken to get the connection

Though the agencies claim to provide the connections anywhere between 7 – 30 days, the usual shortage of available connections stretches this time frame to anywhere between 3-5 months. Remember to regularly follow up with the agencies on phone or in person to ensure that you get the connection in time.

When your connection is available with the Gas agency

Payment: Approx between Rs 3500/- to 5000 depends on the agency which includes the following

Documents required:

Where to Pay: Nearest gas agency office, the same one where you booked the gas connection

Mode of payment: Cash

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Gas Agencies in Bangalore

Akshay Gases

Address: 260/1 Shop 7 Abhiram Cplx Sg Rd Malesvaram, Bangalore-560003.
Phone: 080-23349013

Bangalore Gas Co

Address: 13 Brigade Rd Next To Rex Cinema, Bangalore-560001. Phone: 080-25586289

Cauvery Indane Agency

Address: Old Madras Rd Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore -560036. Phone: 080-25610898

Classic Marketing Co

Address: 335, 13th Crs Sampige Rd, Bangalore -560003. Phone: 080-23365252

 Durgashree Agencies

Address: 2 6th Mn Rd R T Ngr, Bangalore -560032. Phone: 080-23435230

 Elf Gas India Ltd

Address: 188/1, 6th Mn Def Clny, Bangalore -560038. Phone: 080-25295814

Gajanana Enterprises

Address: 30-B 16th Mn Rd IV Blk KM, Bangalore -560034. Phone: 080-25530055

 Gopi Agencies

Address: 54, 1st Mn Rd Royan Cle Cmpt, Bangalore -560018. Phone: 080-26601522

 Gurukripa Indane Distributor

Address: 71/1 Bank Of India Bldg 15th Crs 6th Ph J P Ngr, Bangalore -560078. Phone: 080-26556296

 Harikrishna Enterprises

Address: 2 Kathriguppe Mn Rd Bnsk, Bangalore -560085. Phone: 080-26695317
India Gas Company

Address: 1 India Garage Indane Div Chakravarty Lyt Place Crs Rd, Bangalore -560020. Phone: 080-23441711

 Indo Gas

Address: Mr. Yatish
1047 Dr Rajkumar Rd 4th M Block Rajajinagar, Bangalore -560010. Phone: 080-23409883
J N Enterprises

Address: 98/6, 20th Mn BTM 1st Stg, Bangalore -560029. Phone: 080-26684566

Jaganath Enterprises

Address: 165/7 Ramaiah Cmpd Nagappa St P G Halli, Bangalore -560003. Phone: 080-23346501

 Jyothi Gas Service

Address: Mrs Rema B Pillai
96/3 1st Mn Seshadripuram, Bangalore -560020. Phone: 080-23363771
Kalpana Indane Gas Agency

Address: 15/2 Service Rd 2nd Stg RPC Lyt V Ngr, Bangalore -560040. Phone: 080-23305262

 Kanishka Gas Agency

Address: Mr. Chandra Mouli
326 Bellary Rd Ganganagar, Bangalore -560032. Phone: 080-23332200
Karanataka Food supplies Corporation

Address: 60 SSA Rd Hebbal, Bangalore -560024. Phone: 080-23546190

Karnataka Press Vessels Pvt Ltd

Address: 40/1 Patlma Tmpl St B Gudi, Bangalore -560004. Phone: 080-26570711

Karthik Agencies

Address: Mrs. Shevanthi
No 35 Vasavi Temple Rd V V Puram, Bangalore -560004. Phone: 080-51204554

Krishan Gas Agency

Address: No 6-B BDA Shopping Cmplx V Ngr, Bangalore -560040. Phone: 080-23300654

Kumar Agencies

Address: Mr. Ravi / Uday
64/2, Sarakki Mn Rd J.P.Ngr, Bangalore -560078. Phone: 080-26553746
Liberty Gas Agency

Address: Mr Dinakar
5 Survey No 50 16th Mn 100ft Rd HAL 2nd Stg, Bangalore -560038. Phone: 080-25251378
M M Enterprises

Address: 73, Ram Iyengar Rd VV Prm, Bangalore -560004. Phone: 080-26620932

 Maheshwari Agencies

Address: Mrs . Vasantha Ramaswamy
258 3rd Mn Cmpt, Bangalore -560018. Phone: 080-26674466
Manav Enterprises

Address: 8, Mosque Rd Frazer Tn, Bangalore -560005. Phone: 080-25485984
Maneesh Enterprises

Address: 152 Hanuman Cmbrs 7th Crs 2nd Mn Cmpt, Bangalore -560018. Phone: 080-26679663

Manju Distributors

Address: 3 Seshadri Rd, Bangalore -560009. Phone: 080-22877582

 Manrath Enterprises

Address: 7&8 3rd Mn Dmlr 2nd Stg, Bangalore -560071. Phone: 080-25352926

Mathru Gas Co

Address: 71 Nagashetty Halli Dr Rajgopal Rd RMV 2nd Stg, Bangalore -560094. Phone: 080-23417243

 Mohan Gas Agency

Address: 341 Tmr Rd Peenya 1st Stg, Bangalore -560058. Phone: 080-28393927
Murali Enterprises

Address: 96/3 HRBR 2nd Blk 4th Crs Kyn Ngr, Bangalore -560043. Phone: 080-25452717

Namtech Elec Devices Ltd

Address: 44/45 Leo Cplx R Rd, Bangalore -560001. Phone: 080-25582128

Om Sai Enterprises

Address: 699/2 CBI Rd HMI Lyt Gangamnagar, Bangalore -560032. Phone: 080-23530555

Pioneer Distributors

Address: 54, 8th F Mn 3rd Blk J Ngr, Bangalore -560011. Phone: 080-26638343

Prateek Enterprises

Address: 614/1 Banaswadi Mn Rd, Bangalore -560043. Phone: 080-25456408

Praveen Light House

Address: 211/12 Shankar Cplx S Pet, Bangalore -560053. Phone: 080-22252143

Premier Gas Appliances

Address: 56 BTS Mn Rd 10th Crs Wilson Gdn, Bangalore -560027. Phone: 080-22236239

R D Gas & Kitchen Equipments

Address: 165/2 2nd Crs Nagappa St P G Halli, Bangalore -560003. Phone: 080-23318811

R R Enterprises

Address: 36 Infant Jesuschurch Rd Vivek Ngr Post, Bangalore -560047. Phone: 080-25714745

Ramya Gas Agency

Address: 75 Manjunath Tent Rd N bavi Rd SVS Kalyana Mnt Bldg S Ngr, Bangalore -560072. Phone: 080-23383130

 Ravi Enterprises

Address: 101, 22nd Mn Padmanabha Ngr, Bangalore -560070. Phone: 080-26692221

 RK Cylinders

Address: 702 3rd Blk 6th Crs KM, Bangalore -560034. Phone: 080-25520060

Rohan Gas Distributors

Address: Mr G P Chandrashekar
8/15 15th Crs Rd Mvm, Bangalore -560003. Phone: 080-23445340
Sadhika Transport

Address: 12/43, 1st Crs Vvk Ngr, Bangalore -560033. Phone: 080-25471131

Saimangala Enterprises

Address: Hanumi Bai
190 2nd Stg Hegganahalli Peenya, Bangalore -560091. Phone: 080-28363742
Sanjay Gas Agency

Address: 699/2 CBI Rd HMT Lyt Ganganagar, Bangalore -560032. Phone: 080-23531215

Sharavanthi Steels

Address: 1565/A 30th Crs 28th Mn 2nd Stg Bnsk, Bangalore -560070. Phone: 080-26710409

 Sheela Agency

Address: 33, Indl Site 1st Mn 3rd Ph J P Ngr, Bangalore -560078. Phone: 080-26585088

Shravan Gas Service

Address: 693, 7th Mn CBI Rd Ravindranath Ngr, Bangalore -560032. Phone: 080-23337393

Shri Shakti LPG Ltd

Address: 24, 2nd Mn 2nd Crs Suraj Sudan Ganganagar, Bangalore -560009. Phone: 080-22385462

Sidma Agencies

Address: 301 9th Mn Rd A Blk 17th Crs R Ngr, Bangalore -560055. Phone: 080-23371534

Sigma Gas Agency

Address: 301, 9th Mn Milk Clny A Blk 2nd Stg R Ngr, Bangalore -560055. Phone: 080-23378531
Siva Shakti Gas Agency

Address: 115/50 KHB Clny 2nd Stg 7th Mn B Ngr, Bangalore -560079. Phone: 080-23500558

Sree Gas Agency

Address: Mr. V.Sridhar
502 KHB Clny V Blk KMN, Bangalore -560095. Phone: 080-56714180
Sree Krishna Gas Agency

Address: 41 BDA Cmplx, Bangalore -560038. Phone: 080-25251486

Sri Chamundeshwari Enterprises

Address: C-1 Sri Ramnagiri Ap Rd, Bangalore -560017. Phone: 080-25227166

Sri Krishna Gas Agency

Address: 1358/2, 1st Mn Mrhb Clny Psn Ngr, Bangalore -560079. Phone: 080-23203116

Sri Rama Agency

Address: 126 7th Mn Raghavendara Ngr T C Palya Mn Rd, Bangalore -560016. Phone: 080-25654560

Sri Sai Agencies

Address: 64, HMT Mn Rd Next To Subbaiah Hospital M Kere, Bangalore -560054. Phone: 080-23349323

Sri Sai Agency

Address: 1 Banappa Bldg Peenya Bus Stop Tumkur Rd, Bangalore -560058. Phone: 080-28371118

Sri Venkateshwara Gas Agency

Address: Mr G Jagadish
181 1st A Mn Rd 7th Crs 1st Mn Rd Kengeri St, Bangalore -560060. Phone: 080-28484009
T V Venkatswamy & Sons

Address: 693 7th Mn RT Ngr, Bangalore -560032. Phone: 080-23430444


Address: Mr B R Jain
Sunkaddakatte Mgd Mn Rd, Bangalore -560091. Phone: 080-23489858
Vasant Enterprises

Address: 30, 1st Stg Next to Stastics Society I Ngr, Bangalore -560038. Phone: 080-25282150

Veeresh Gas Agency

Address: 28,, RMV 2nd Stg Sjy Ngr, Bangalore -560094. Phone: 080-23418809

Vijay Gas Distributors

Address: 78 Sg Rd 11th Crs Mvm, Bangalore -560003. Phone: 080-23448088

Vishnu Gas LPG Bottling Plant

Address: 2954 Ramdas Cmplx MKK Ngr, Bangalore -560010. Phone: 080-23323221

Viswambhara Enterprises

Address: 40/1, Assaye Rd, Bangalore -560042. Phone: 080-25553997


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