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How do I get a job in Australia ?

Are you looking for a job in Australia? Sydney was rated 10th best city in the world, and second best in the Asia-Pacific region. The unemployment rate in Australia is currently at an eight-month low, having hit 5.5% in December. Australia has proven to be a great place for businesses to grow and prosper – and the country is full of opportunities for skilled migrants to develop their careers. However finding a job immediately will be a task. You should be genuine and realize that you may not be able to find your 'dream job' right away.

If you have a desire to be in one of the 170,000 individuals who migrate to modern Australia each year for long-term profession, you will need to begin planning early.
The govt allow this migration because it’s the only way they can fix their shortage of skilled workers across all sectors. Australia has everything it needs, all the sources it could perhaps want, except one….. ”Man Power”

While the application process and job search can be painful, preparing in advance can help you discover profession success in Australia. It is never easy looking for a job from offshore/other country. If you are new to Australia, discovering a job in Australia can be difficult. Australia Business employers like workers to have regional experience before selecting someone. Unless you can quickly fit into the Australia lifestyle you will discover it very difficult to get a good job here.

Step by Step Instructions to get a job in Australia

Choose your job skills using this link and find out how to get an assessment of professional qualifications, skills or experience that you have gained in your country. After this assessment, use this Visa Wizard which will help you find the Australian visa most likely to meet your specific skills. For more information on immigration to Australia, click here.

  • You can start applying for advertised job vacancies from other countries. Employers will not be interested if you apply 1 to 12 weeks before you visit to Australia.
  • You can use this Local Australian Business Directory to find out places to stay, eat, health and other services in Australia.
  • You have to send job application emails by attaching your CV/Resume to the companies and the staffing agencies in the place of Australia where you have planned to put up. Also let them know your availability for interview.
  • You should mention an Australian postal address and Australian mobile number in your CV/Resume wherever applicable. Once your visas have been approved and if your profile gets shortlist, you need to stay in Australia or arrive permanently to attend job interviews.
  • You can’t expect a job at the same level or higher and same salary or more than that you had in your country. You may lack Australian local understanding. It’s better to get into a reasonable company first, until you can get a real job.
  • Living costs and income tax charges are lower in Australia than many other developed countries, so look at your take home salary, not the CTC (Cost to the company).
  • Usually, it can take 1 – 8 weeks for Australian citizens to find a new job. So, Have Patience. Don't Be in Such a Hurry. But, Stay Positive during Your Job Search. We wish you great success in your job search….!

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